Yana Herbal Beauty Products

Vitamin C Serum

High-Potency 25% Vitamin C Serum is an Oil free, Natural, Anti-Aging Skin Treatment Formula that is excellent for all kind and sensitive skin types. Contains Aceromine, a highly stabilized natural Vitamin C derived from the Acerola Fruit. For the best results apply twice daily 3-4 drops in the morning and evening.

When used continuously Vitamin C Serum quickly erases facial lines, and wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming . The serum also heals and repairs sun-damaged skin, lightens skin redness and fades dark marks including sun spots, freckles and age spots. Vitamin C Serum provides powerful antioxidant protection and skin cell stimulation to firm, tighten, smooth and re-texturize skin. Without irritation, promotes cellular turnover and renewal to help regenerate collagen.

Price: 1 oz - $60